The Beginning 

      The „Theodor Piperkov“ Law Club was established on the 31st of March 2014 by a group of Law students from the Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski“. The patron of the organization is the beloved Roman law lecturer asst. prof. Theodor Piperkov (1958-2013). The members of Club extend their sincerest gratitude towards prof. Sasho Penov, PhD (Dean of the Faculty of Law, 2011-2019) and assoc. prof. Yuri Kuchev, PhD (Vice-Chancellor of the Sofia University) for their support concerning its establishment, as it is our staunch belief that such student organizations, supported by the academic staff, could hugely contribute towards the improvement of the legal education in Bulgaria.  



Our Goals

      The primary goal of the „Theodor Piperkov“ Law Club is to stimulate the academic education and development of the students, who have chosen to devote themselves to the legal profession. It is, of course, beyond any doubt that the academic staff at the Faculty of Law at our Alma Mater offers an in-depth and thorough theoretical and practical preparation to its pupils. We aim to support these efforts by organizing academic events, concerning different areas of law and by helping create a united student community among our members.

      In our endeavours we rely on the support of both the members of the academic staff at the Faculty of Law and many of the Faculty’s former pupils, who are nowadays practicing in different areas of law and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with their younger colleagues. As well as that, we greatly value the active participation of our fellow students and their opinions regarding our activities and events.


The Road Ahead 

      During the past seven years, the „Theodor Piperkov“ Law Club has established itself as an important part of the student community and the academic life at the Faculty of Law, having successfully organized more than 60 events (public lectures, conferences, seminars, etc.). Furthermore, the organization has also moved its activities outside of the halls of the University by starting the first Academy for Civil Education in Bulgaria. As far as the future is concerned, the Club is open for partnerships with other organizations that share its goals and values.